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Battle River Brewery Beer

Proudly brewing in Camrose, Alberta

Our Beer Philosophy

We really like beer. A lot. Enough that we spend our efforts trying to perfect it, not reinvent it. You won't find any bizarre concoctions intended to get attention simply through oddity.  There's only one question that matters to us when developing a beer... "Does it taste like another?"  If the answer is no, we won't make it regardless of how edgy it might make us look.  We also believe in the art of subtlety when it comes to hops.  Tastebud-peeling 100 IBU IPA's aren't our style.  We'd rather showcase hop flavours in other ways, such as the traditional German Altbier that is Girder #5.

To sum it up, we brew with the intention of becoming your new favourite beer, not to just become another one-and-done on your Untapped list. So give BRB beer a try. We promise you'll like it.

Kentucky Common Ale



The first beer made at Battle River Brewery.  Easy drinking dark amber ale made with rye grain, corn, and 3 different types of barley malt.  Easy drinking with plenty of character.



Visit Us

Tuesday- Thursday: 3pm - 6pm
Friday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday: 12pm - 6:30pm


4720A 37 St, Camrose, AB T4V 0G3, Canada

(780) 781-3715

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