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Craft brewery located in Camrose Alberta Canada.

A Craft Brewery

From Camrose Alberta



Jamboree Cream Ale

An easy drinking, cold conditioned, top-fermented clean tasting beer. Simply put, it is an amazing beer-flavoured beer. The Jamboree Cream Ale is crisp and clean and made with quality Alberta ingredients by an Albertan that loves beer. He hopes you’ll love this too. Also, it doesn’t actually contain any dairy so it is good for the lactose intolerant folks too. Which is nice.


Kentucky Common

An old and oft-neglected brewing tradition. BRB uses high-quality Alberta ingredients to pay homage to new-world beer roots. The name references that it was the beer of choice in Louisville prior to prohibition: it was widely available and often requested. Today it is much harder to find but equally hard for beer lovers to resist. Kentucky Common is a simple pleasure with a wide appeal.


Ingredients: beer…great Alberta beer. Pure and simple.

Now Open.